Anatomy of Skeleton Keys

Anatomy of Skeleton KeysTraditional skeleton keys have fascinated people for a long time not only because of their unique antique design, but also because they can also be incorporated into your own designs. However, people often wonder about the use of these keys from the past. These keys were used to safeguard shops and homes. “Passkey” is yet another name to denote a skeleton key. On the inside of the warded locks there are wards, and these keys were used to bypass it.

The main purpose behind creating such a key is to ensure that the warded locks, of all types, can be unlocked. These are antique and special keys. The reason why these keys were kept empty at the shaft was to allow the key to go through the wards with the lock neither being locked, nor leaving it unlocked. The placement of the wards is such that it is kept outside and on the center. So, this will make it harder for thieves to break the lock and enter the house with ease.

The design of a skeleton key is so undemanding. The bow of the keys certainly distinguishes them, which is the part that you’ll hold, while inserting it onto the lock. Eighteenth century was the period when these keys were incredibly popular. Barrel key is another thing that distinguishes the bit key, in which a solid shank is present. The barrel shafted keys are usually created in two ways. The first one is for the shank to be drilled out, and the second one involves the use of metal sheet, and then folding it into a shape that will be just like a barrel.

Whether it was a door lock or the cabinetry locks, these keys were quite commonly used by people. In many US cities, these keys stood in usage for a long time i.e. until the 1940s, when the new locks started evolving. Brass was more commonly used for making the skeleton keys. However, pewter was also quite popular in manufacturing these keys. These keys performed a magnificent job, and now they are being incorporated as jewelry items. People find great pleasure in incorporating them, and that’s just what these keys were made for, that is to provide real time pleasure to those who appreciate the elegance of these keys.

History can be represented in a fabulous way with the Skeleton keys unlike any other type of keys. Another distinctive feature about these keys is their one of its kind of design. These antiques should be given much importance because of their uniqueness. These keys can be used as an accessory by making use of a simple gold or a silver chain and hanging the skeleton key in the chain.

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