Collecting Skeleton Keys

Collecting Skeleton KeysAs a diehard collector of skeleton key, you would want to keep a large collection of these antiques. However, a collector may realize one day that keeping them hidden somewhere in the room is not just enough, when they make such precious items for so many other uses. One thing that skeleton keys collectors should do is to bring their collection out to the public, and let them see how enthusiastic you feel about these keys.  You can arrange these items in a myriad of ways, but there’s a need to sneak the best of them all. Most of the methods are quite traditional, but they serve the purpose, well enough.

Most collectors would want to use innovative methods to exhibit this collection of keys to the public. In fact, there’s more interest when there are new arrangements for skeleton keys. Displays can be personalized by adding your own decorative ideas. Some of the ways to put the skeleton keys on display are mentioned right here. One of the many ways include the blind pull that requires you to first gather as many items as you can.

Using decorative ribbons is another step forward. The shade of the ribbons needs to be similar to the window shades that you have in your home. For example, if the window shade is yellow, then the same should be in the ribbons. Long ribbons are necessary, because you need to loop the ribbons to form a medium size bow. A knot should be there at the end, so the shades can be pulled on. These items should be tied on the ropes, and in this fashion, make proper use of decorative ribbons.

Skeleton keys can also be kept on display using shadow boxes. It requires the glass, which provides protection to the shadow box, to be removed, and that’s before it is set aside. When the shadow boxes have been selected, then for every box a decorative liner has to be selected. Your skeleton keys will stand out, and you’ll be allowed to make the most out of the keys.

Additional things like old newspapers and magazines, wallpapers etc. make very good examples, because all of them are particularly good materials regardless of the subject. There are other materials convenient to this subject, with calico fabric being one of the materials that are being used, nowadays. On the inside of the shadow box you need to glue the liner, just for a decorative interior within the box. If that box is meant to be used for the skeleton keys, then it has to be in a compartment form, so you could just show all your creativity. The compartmentalized portions need to be glued appropriately. Wallpaper pieces can be glued on the compartmental square. Use catalogs to better illustrate the following option.

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