Go Trendy with Skeleton Keys Jewelry

Skeleton Keys JewelryAre you crazy about trying out new things and doing eye catchy experiments? Well, if you belong to the category of trend setters, here are five awesome ideas for you to go trendy with the use of skeleton keys and earn fabulous comments from your friends as an appreciation of your creativity. Some rapid and simple creations with your dresses and jewelry can make you the center of attraction at a bachelor party. So, let’s discover the way to design ‘key’ accessories that can turn you into a unique stylish personality.

Awesome brooch with template keys

If you are interested in designing traditional and antique accessories, the best way to show your creativity is gluing together small skeleton keys in a specific pattern that can suit your taste. The most important thing to remember here is to try adding all the bases together by keeping the other end of the key outside in a circular pattern.   This style will look impressive as well as the adherence of the keys will be long lasting without any use of hooks. Pin up the keys together as a brooch to represent an elegant stole.

Attractive danglers

One of the surprising ideas to extend a trendy outlet with skeleton keys is using these keys in the form of danglers and ear rings. You too will get surprised after looking yourself in that highly approachable fashion.  All you need to do is just placing some small antiques keys in a hooked ring and your chunky ear rings are ready to wear. Match the accessory with bright jump suits or long skirts. They are the perfect stuff for a girlish look.

Stylish belt with skeleton keys

When you have tried up all your fashionable belts and waist bands to carry your fashionable dresses gracefully and become bored of revising the styles, you should switch into designing your own style. Well, why don’t you stitch up the antique designer, skeleton keys in alternative gaps to attend a beach side party. This promising idea will bring a series of compliments for you when you will match the trendy belt with lightly colored rompers.

The necklace of keys and key lockets

It is the long term going on fashion idea that is often utilized by the style icons to wear a stylish key in a designer chain. If you too would like to try something different, yet stylish to become the one and only in a crowd, you can try wearing an exclusive skeleton key in your neck. Similarly, these collectibles can be used to create a necklace with a dramatic look.

Personalized bracelets to gift your partner

The wide range of skeleton keys available online can help you design a gift for your partner this Valentine. All you need to do here is hooking up the Victorian keys in a bracelet containing the alphabetical beads in the order so as to create the name of your partner. Now, wait and watch his or her expression after getting this valuable gift.


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