Rich History Behind Skeleton Keys

History Behind Skeleton KeysSkeleton keys are attractive to everyone based on their carved outer shell. They are so beautiful to look at, and they are mysterious, as well. Still most people consider them as art miniatures. With your imagination at work, you can find many ways to use these types of keys, with never-ending possibilities, and you just have to grab one. You can use it as an attractive decoration in your home or office. You may also wish to keep a group of these keys in a vase or in a glass bowl. These keys could be hung on the walls, by using ribbon or any strong wire to string them. In short, the possibilities are limitless.

Some examples – they can be used by adding keys to create a necklace, and make it elegant and distinctive. Earring wire could just be another useful thing, as the keys can be hung on it, and a gothic type appearance can easily be given by putting them on the hoop earrings that already exist. Stick the keys on the handbags, shoes, and leather belts. Stitch or glue the keys on the scarves to give it a raw look.

During holidays, rather than glue these keys on the scarves, you can spray paint and sandpaper them to create beautiful ornaments. The spray paint can be in gold, platinum, or in silver.

The skeleton keys can be kept in a shadow box, grouped together. Glue the keys on a ring that you can hang on the balcony walls. This really forms a sculpture that reflects a mysterious charm. You can tie a couple of skeleton keys on the covering at the door or window, just to make them look more unique and attractive. These keys also make beautiful jewelry items. Take a ribbon and strung a few skeleton keys on it to form an astonishing choker.

Skeleton keys can simply be used for entertainment purposes, as well. Glue one key on each of the cards that you wish to distribute for the guests on the occasion of your birthday or anniversary. Let the guest to take home these thoughtful favors. Take a wire, and hang a skeleton key or two in the back side of tables and chairs for the party. Your guests will really be surprised and pleased when the keys produce noise, when they sit.

Skeleton keys can also enhance the decoration in your dining room, as they can be used as a replacement for the chandelier crystals. They can certainly brighten up a home for any event. You could just be thrilled with the great party theme that you could make with the use of skeleton keys.


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